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Be honest. And a bit weird.

What we do

Studio Gomori is a brand agency. We create and refresh brands, helping clients reposition or re-articulate their brands through new ideas and imaginative thinking. We create new sets of brand guidelines, choosing colours, typography, imagery styles, tone-of-voice and more. We design logos, we write tag lines, and produce any creative content clients need to bring their story to life: video and animation, photography, design, illustration, and written content.

We also provide creative consultancy to help clients on an ad hoc basis, provide outsourced creative direction and have even designed a doughnut.

Who we do it for

Clients big and small, from heritage names to feisty startups. We work across industries from fashion to tech to manufacturing to crafts: the London College of Fashion, the Craft Potters Association, Penguin, Tyk (API management), Factorylux (architectural lighting), Cloak (watches), Origin, Alive, The Cotton Story, Cucumber, Lower Park (fashion)

How we do it

Creative Director Pete Gomori leads all projects. For consultancy-type work you might work with him alone; for bigger projects, teams of exceptional independent freelancers are brought in to work with Pete, to provide clients with big-agency creativity without the overheads. We don’t have a fancy office or a big summer party, so you just pay for creativity. We provide flexible, scalable creative resource, but crucially we act as a creative source of inspiration when you need more than just executional work.

The story

Studio Gomori was founded by Pete Gomori in 2018 after a career as both a client-side marketer (Tate Modern, SEGA, National Maritime Museum) and an agency creative director.

Having found that his style of down-to-earth but evocative creativity was selling well to major clients, he decided to go independent and create an agency around his way of thinking.

At Studio Gomori we think that everything is interesting. Every company, every brand has a little bit of magic that just needs to be teased out and expressed in a beautiful way. We hate corny puns and overblown Cannes Lions creative. By gathering eclectic creative inspiration, we’re able to connect the dots between culture, the real-world human instincts of your customers and your story.

Basically we make things look good, but we do it in a way that’s actually meaningful.

Pete Gomori, founder of boutique creative agency Studio Gomori

Pete Gomori, founder of boutique creative agency Studio Gomori

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Deliveries to: 13 Hawley Crescent, Camden, London NW1 8NP