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When you’re looking to reinvigorate or redefine what your brand stands for, you need more than just a new logo. We’re here to help you figure out the way forward with your brand, starting with the emotional story your brand has to tell. We help clients with everything from top-level concepts and positioning right through to redesigning a visual identity and brand guidelines. Here’s a bit about how we do it.



We’re interested in everything. Where you’ve come from, what your values were on day one, your founder’s favourite book. That’s because somewhere in there, the magic is waiting to come out. Your brand shouldn’t be synthetic - it should be real, true, and authentic to your brand’s energy. Often clients are already circling around the idea that ends up being the main focus of your brand; other times they’ve been drawn into strategies that work for others but not for them. So first, we listen, through workshops and interviews.

Services: Half-Day Brand Workshop; Competitor Analysis; Brand Audit



Once we have a feel for your company, we take some time to ponder what you’ve told us. Then we make recommendations for your positioning going forward, which start with identifying the magic at the heart of your brand - as Simon Sinek says, your “why” - and a broad emotional territory known as a brand archetype, which helps you understand how to communicate it. The model of brand archetypes is all about focusing on a single personality - the ruler, the outlaw, the hero - and making sure all of your brand touchpoints are true to it. When we’ve got this far, we can create a unique articulation of your brand - which everything from a tagline to a logo to a colour palette will use as their basis. We might even recommend what biscuits you should be serving in your meetings.

Services: Brand Ideation, Brand Development



With a solid and compelling brand concept agreed, we can execute all the creative elements you need for your brand: logos, graphics and icons, typography, colour schemes, illustration, animation or motion graphics, new photography and video. We package this all up into brand guidelines which also express your brand so it’s understandable by external people, and details your tone of voice and written style. We can help on any or all assets that you need to produce for your new brand.

Services: Visual Identity Design; Graphic Design; Collateral Design; Photo and Video shoots; Animation


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About Creative Director Pete Gomori


Pete has spent his career helping brands to position and communicate themselves better. Whether in house or client-side, Pete has worked with some of the world’s leading brands: Tate Modern, the London College of Fashion, Freeview, Carluccio’s, Skoda, the American Heart Association, British Cycling, RPC (twice law firm of the year) and Mars Drinks/Lavazza as well as many other corporate and start-up clients. Whether it’s a full rebrand or a one-off piece of consultancy, Pete loves taking brands to the next level.