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Ethical Fashion

A zine about marketing for ethical fashion brands

If you are the founder of or a marketer at an ethical fashion brand, you’ll find this Studio Gomori zine interesting. It’s a quick read of creative strategies for ethical fashion brands and interviews with interesting people in the industry. Fill in the form below to download a PDF or drop me a line if you’d like some printed copies.

Big Meeting!

A comedy podcast

produced by Big Meeting Industries

written by Adrian Hieatt and Pete Gomori

Pete and Adrian have always wanted to make a movie. So in 2013 they started positing movie concepts to their tumblr.

Now they’ve FINALLY got their big meetings with REAL film industry people… the trouble is all their ideas are insane.

Each episode, tune in to hear them deliberate which ludicrous film pitch to take to the professionals… and then find out if they get their big break.

Check out (all the other URLs were taken) and download on iTunes